Forest bathing

You are not a stranger here

Shinrin-Yoku…forest therapy, also called forest bathing. It is a Japanese practice developed in the 1980s and is now used as a cornerstone of their preventive health care and healing. The idea? Spend time in nature. Why? Because, as Alan Watts says, we came out of this world, not into it. We are of the elements that surround us.

The benefits are similar to those found with energy work and meditating. Increased function of the immune system, lower blood pressure, reduced stress and improved mood. More focus and energy, better sleep. And the benefits increase with regular practice, with the chakras stimulated to function at higher capacity. From a sense of connection to increased intuition, the energy body benefits.

Walking in nature without listening to music, talking on the phone or even indulging in conversation with a partner is just one way to nourish our bodies.

John Muir wrote that “wilderness is a necessity.” I agree.

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