A December alphabet

There are a lot of articles, this time of the year especially, about ten things or five things or however many things that you might do to improve your mind, your body or your spirit. Or all three!

So what’s one more, right? But in the interest of being interesting, I decided to do this as an alphabet. Short and sweet. Truly.

A–authentic. There’s a whole lot of people trying to be something they are not right about now. Relish yourself and be true.

B–blissful boundaries. Set them. Enjoy them. Allow yourself to operate within that positive space.

C–calm. You can bring that with you, even to the stores. Even to the stores on Christmas Eve. Give the calm inside your boundaries a chance to protect you.

D–daily nourishers. What are your moments? Where is your space?

E–ego checked at the door. ‘Nuff said.

F–fulfilled. Sometimes it might seem that it’s NEVER enough. But it can be. Let it be.

G–grace. Grant others that gentle offering, and yourself as well.

H–humor. Seriously…oh wait. NOT seriously. Ha! That’s the point. Lighten up and release the burden of expectations and the huffiness of offense.

I–innovate. If something isn’t working, do something different. Maybe something way different.

J–joy. We miss the whole reason for the season when we are so busy taking time and energy to create the perfect season. Take the joy. Everything else will follow along nicely.

K–kindness. If you aren’t seeing kindness around you, be the start.

L–luminous. Give yourself some glow in the form of inspiration for the soul.

M–motivation. Not to get more gifts or better gifts or to wrap them perfectly or to decorate perfectly. Find the motivation to move a bit. To eat well in spite of the temptations. To sit and ponder and relax and meander and hold hands and just to be.

N–nurture. Yourself and others, simply and sweetly.

O–open. Go ahead and open to new thoughts. To new ways of doing something. To new traditions.

P–power. Claim your right and your responsibility to savor this month as you want.

Q–quality. That’s time with family and friends and with yourself. Don’t miss the moments.

R–resolve. Resolutions can wait until the new year. This sort of resolve refers to settling the issues between you and someone you like or love or respect.

S–serenity. It’s not impossible. Just make space.

T–thank. Be generous in the words. If someone is doing something you appreciate, tell them loud and clear.

U–uncover. Go on a bit of a treasure hunt to find the balance that works for you. Decorations everywhere, or…not. Piles of gifts, or…just a few. Lots of activities, or…you get the idea. What do you enjoy most?

V–versatile. When you are deep in a rut, you don’t see much except the sides of your own bunker. Perhaps a different path? A different view?

W–wisdom. There are many elderly people who need a kind and listening ear right about now. And in return they have amazing life wisdom to share.

X–xenophobia. Set aside the fear of those who are different. The world is full of them. You ARE one of them, to somebody.

Y–yes. Before saying no quickly, wait a few breaths and see if a yes might emerge.

Z–zest. That is what it’s all about. Claiming your zest for the season, for the celebrating, for the gatherings and the traditions and for every little bit this month has to offer. If you aren’t feeling zesty, what ARE you feeling?

That’s it. A quick alphabet to consider. Happy December!

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