Now I’ve got a PS

Yesterday’s blog came down with some tough stuff. You don’t need to hear it all again. The succinct recap? You are your own biggest obstacle when it comes to working out. And seriously? You just have to accept that, quit blaming anyone and anything else and start doing something about it.

So I went into some of the things we do to get out of doing what we know is good for us. But when I was talking to two of my clients today I realized I needed to emphasize the main reason we should do something, take steps, make a plan, starting treating ourselves better.

It’s not like we don’t WANT to. I mean…without the effort. We want to but we don’t want to, you know? We really wish it would happen. We really, really do. And we sit and wait, expecting…expecting what? Expecting a miracle, maybe.

You know what, people? You know what, readers of this blog? You ARE the miracle.

You are. I am, he is, she is, they are. We ALL are such astonishing miracles. Gifts of creation, creatures of such love and talent and energy. Oh my golly. It’s amazing. The perfection that goes into each and every one of us. The joy. The potential.

Yeah. The potential.

So let me say this and then try, very hard, to hold it in your heart and in your mind and in your spirit. You ARE the miracle. You ARE worthy. You ARE something so precious and it is about time you started acting like you claim that truth.

Yesterday’s blog offered some thoughts about getting in our own way. The excuses we make. The attitude we have about how someone else has things so much better. Our unwillingness to own the responsibility we have for our actions and our choices. Our inclination to try for a quick fix by doing so much, so fast and then getting overwhelmed and stopping.

Those things are all true. But now look at them with a new view. Look at them as someone who values their own fine selves.

Making excuses? You won’t need them, not if you give yourself the love and appreciation you deserve. Feeling cranky because someone else doesn’t have to do anything and why do they get all the good stuff and you have to work hard? When you believe in yourself, that won’t matter. You’ll be happy for them. Go, them! And you’ll be happy for you. Go, you! Stepping up and taking responsibility and owning the decisions you made to bring you to this point? Yep, that’s hard. But tell your reflection that you love yourself. No matter what. You love yourself. And yes, you are responsible for yourself. And NOW, you’re making good choices. Zippity zooming into a quick fix and then getting all frustrated and giving up completely? Nope. You don’t need that. You are WORTH the time. You are WORTH the effort. You are WORTH doing it right, doing it steadily, sticking to it.

See, the thing is, when you stop doing this mind, body, spirit fitness thing in theory or kinda sorta or pretending or basically talking the talk without walking the walk or not even talking the talk…when you stop doing it in theory and start doing it for real, you are then recognizing your own incredible worth. You are acknowledging that miracle you see in the mirror. You are doing one of the most amazing things you can do for yourself because you deserve it.

And in doing that, you’ll be creating positive energy that radiates and reflects to everyone around you.

I come down hard on stepping up and taking responsibility for yourselves. I do, I know it. But I am coming down hard because it’s time and past time for us to start treating ourselves and others like the glorious children of this fine universe that we are. Oh my gosh, people. You are a miracle!

Now, start treating yourself like one.

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