When things flow freely

Or when they don’t.

Once upon a time, there was a woman who shall remain nameless (*cough cough*…me). This woman realized, after deluges significant enough to make her consider purchasing wood for an ark, that she had a very wet basement. How wet, you might ask?

Wet enough that there was a tremendous scramble to relocate things not intended for water use. So…that would be pretty much everything. Yep. It was not a fun time here in the Positive Chi House of Blessings.

Well, okay. Wonderful friends and one extremely dear man arrived to help mop, haul carpet out and in general support this woman and she ended up counting way more blessings than burdens. The rain ended. The consideration of what to do about the situation commenced in full.

A fine plumber named Frank arrived on the scene to investigate the walkout drain. This is a mysterious zone. Subterranean and yet not. A public area that is actually quite private. The drain itself was also a bit of a mystery since the little grill thingie that keeps leaves and whatnot from gathering in Drain Land was stuck firmly with blobs of cement that had escaped their proper boundary. Fine Frank the Plumber had to tippy tap with a hammer and various tools before removing the grill and getting to work.

The woman watched with great interest while Fine Frank the Plumber snaked the walkout drain. Miles and miles of snake disappeared into the drain and headed off to…to…well, where? This question was posed to Fine Frank because the woman could not imagine what all that snake was doing underground. There seemed to be no real obstruction to its progress.

“Your drain is not blocked,” Fine Frank declared.

Good news! The woman danced a bit of a jig and that was okay because Fine Frank had done other jobs at this particular house and was aware of her general tendency to cavort when gleeful. But he cautioned her against too much celebrating.

“The drain is fine,” he repeated, “but now we need to find the outlet.”


That involved running water into the drain while peering down at the back yard. The woman wondered what this process must look like to interested neighbors. They couldn’t see the drain itself, due to that private mysterious situation. But they could see the woman and Fine Frank walking what amounted to a grid pattern throughout the small back yard and then beyond, staring at the grass. Looking for water emerging from the outlet.

Fine Frank saved the day by actually detecting such a spot. It was not in the woman’s yard. It was not in the neighbor’s yard. It was off beyond that on a hillside and it was covered with dirt and other stuff. It was blocked! The neighbor’s drain also fed into this same channel. So while the actual drains were okay, the outlet was not and the water could not flow.

Now as you might imagine, Fine Frank fixed the situation and the water poured with enthusiasm out of the newly discovered drain and off down the hill and the woman took photos and the story ended. Except…it all made this woman think about how bad things can get when they don’t flow.

Like emotions. Or energy. Or issues. Or chocolate fountains.

But we’ll leave chocolate fountains to the caterers and just deal with the other topics.

Sometimes we are like my basement drain. We are private public people and while on the surface things seem to be going along nicely there is the chance that maybe…they aren’t. And when they don’t? Look out.

Looking into why is often a challenge. It’s very much like walking a grid pattern in the backyard, seeking out some sign, something to follow, something to give us guidance. There is not usually a nice big arrow pointing us in the right direction. “Look here! Easy fix!”

You have to seek out the solutions. And then do the work. You can go along for a long time without doing anything, without really knowing there is a problem. But eventually…well, you know. Eventually you admit that there is a problem and not one that Fine Frank the Plumber can fix. He’s good, but emotional issues are probably not his speciality.

I was thinking about all of this and about how good it feels to know that the new drain outlet is installed. I peek at it when I walk by. I like it a lot. “Hello, drain outlet,” I say. And then I nod. Good, good, there’s the drain outlet. Things will flow freely.

And you know what? When you work out an emotional issue, it feels the same kind of good. You never know how great it is to not have something blocking your energy until it happens and then you wonder how you ever went along the other way. The blocked way. Good grief, you think. That was living?

So, I dunno. I’m not saying you have issues. But don’t we all have a bit of something, now and then? And might it not be worth investigating, doing a little grid walking, to determine whether that bit of something has a cause that can be fixed?

It’s easier not to, of course. It’s easier to ignore everything. But then at some point things that don’t flow freely will overflow. And the cleanup, whether in a basement or in a person’s emotions, isn’t much fun.

A bit of preventive maintenance is good for houses. And people.

And probably chocolate fountains.


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One Response to When things flow freely

  1. LindainStLouis says:

    Your writing never ceases to amaze me. I can just picture you wandering around your yard looking for the water to seep up to the top. You have such a wonderful way with words.

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