The thrill, the chill and the spill

It’s gardening time here. Flowers in the ground, flowers on the front porch, flowers on the deck. When I was planting the containers that now provide bursts of color here and there I thought about how I learned to make them pretty.

A big container needs three kinds of plants. Something to thrill, something to chill and something to spill. The thrill is generally right in the middle and it has the height. The chill is placed around the thrill and it provides steady interest. And the spill goes tumbling out of the container and connects it in an attractive way with the surrounding area.

Of course, you have to have a big enough container to get all three elements in there. I do, and I like picking out my thrill, chill and spill every year. It’s an easy way to give a bit of ooh and aah to my garden.

What about to my life? I think about life a good bit while I’m gardening. Digging in the dirt is grounding. Nope, not going for the laugh there. It’s true. Digging connects me to the earth and the earth is a fine source of calm strength. So life thoughts seem natural.

I think planter philosophy applies to our lives. A large planter is balanced by having a thrill, a chill and a spill. What about a life? The thrill provides excitement and a nice burst of wowie zowie. The chill is the routine, the regular, the necessary. And the spill? That’s the outreach…how you share what you’ve learned or the ways you have been blessed.

You can have all thrill, of course. But what sustains you? What secures you? If you live a life of all thrill, how do you know any sense of inner calm and when do you pass on some of your time and your talents?

If you have all chill, where is the excitement or the challenge? What makes you grow? What makes you giggle and grin?

All spill would leave you without anything to replenish your own needs. Giving is a beautiful thing. But no person can give and give forever without emptying their emotional reserves.

Balance makes a planter a thing of beauty. Life balance does the same for us. When we soar, when we replenish, when we give back we become the beautiful creation that the universe intended. Take a look at your thrill, chill and spill balance. What do you need to plant next?

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