I am the words I think and speak

Are you a cheerleader or a criticizer? Your own best friend or your own worst critic? Are you supportive of yourself or do you cut yourself down at any opportunity? Consider this…how we speak to ourselves is indicative of the energy we project to the world. If you are belittling your own self, how can you expect the world to react differently?

It’s sneaky, the way we talk to or about ourselves. Sometimes we don’t even realize what we’re doing. Many people would shake their heads and say they are doing nothing of the sort until they stumble upon that kind of statement and realize it’s all too common.

I’m such a klutz. 

Ever said that one? Used those words to describe yourself to others?

Argh! That was SO stupid!

Had that conversation with yourself lately?

How could you do that again? You are so worthless!

Seriously? You’re telling yourself that you are worthless. What kind of energy is that to project? Do you actually believe this?

See, that’s the thing. We rarely admit it, but by saying these sorts of statements to ourselves we are reinforcing the belief. And we’re letting that belief be the energy we project to those around us and to the universe.

I read somewhere, long ago, that the best gift we can give a child is to fill their days with positivity and love. And if every day they hear the message that they are terrific and talented and capable and appreciated, they will be ready to face the world when they go out on their own. Because unfortunately that world is filled with people, themselves included, who are all too willing to tell them the exact opposite.

Here’s a suggestion…keep track of how you talk to yourself. The only way to stop the pattern is to interrupt it and the only way to do that is to recognize the moments when you are a criticizer rather than a cheerleader. You might be surprised at how many times you give yourself negative messages. You might also be surprised at how good it feels to change those into something loving and supportive.

You are the words you think and speak. Cherish yourself. Project that energy and see what happens in the world around you.

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One Response to I am the words I think and speak

  1. LindainStLouis says:

    My favorite saying came from “The Help”.
    “You is kind; you is smart; you is important.”
    I think that pretty much says it all; I try to remind myself of it every day.

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